Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum order quantity?
Our minimum quantity is 1 roll however we are able to supply you with sampling. Please contact us regarding any sampling that you may require.

Do you have standard roll sizes?
Our roll sizes vary per quality from 18m to 110m. Please contact us to check the roll size of the quality you are interested in.

Do you have slitting capabilities?
Yes we do. Please specify your requirements on your order.

Are your Dye Sublimation fabrics PFP (prepared for printing)?

My printer uses Eco-Solvent Inks, will your fabrics work for my printer?
We have specific fabrics suitable for Eco-Solvent Inks. Please see the qualities listed under Direct Digital.

When is the cut off time to place an order and have it despatched the same day?
We can’t always guarantee same day despatching but the usual cut off time for same day is:

  Cape Town 11:00am
  Upcountry  14:00pm

Do you charge for transport?
There is no transport charge for orders being delivered in Cape Town. For Upcountry Main Centres, orders of 300m or more are delivered free of charge. For orders under 300m being delivered upcountry, there will be a small transport charge levied. For Upcountry Outlying Areas, there will be a small transport charge levied. Please contact our sales department for specific transport cost information relating to your order.

For Gauteng customers – we now have a warehouse based in Gauteng to assist you with any urgent orders that you may require.

Do you have a book of all of your qualities you can send me?
Yes, we have sample books or sample folders available including all of our fabric lines.  Please send an email to to request your sample book or sample folder.

Do you charge for sample rolls or sample material?
Yes we do charge for sampling.

Can you send me pricing or spec sheet information?
All fabric specifications are listed on our website – please refer to the qualities page. For any additional information and pricing, please send an email to              

Can you identify a product or suggest a similar style for me?
Certainly! Please contact one of our sales representatives or sales administrators to find the best suited fabric for your requirements

Can you order a product for me that you do not stock
If you are looking for something in particular, please send us a small swatch and we will gladly research your requirements.

Can I open an account with you to establish terms?
Please call or email our office for a credit application. Account set up usually takes a couple days turnaround time so add that into consideration if you are wanting to place an order on the account.

Do you have reps or agents operating anywhere else besides Cape Town
We have reps and agents in Cape Town, Gauteng, Kawzulu Natal and the Eastern Cape. Please view our Contact Us page for details.

What should I check when I receive my order?
Please run the following basic quality checks before cutting

  1. That you have received the correct order.
  2. Fabrics are mass produced and there could be differences in shade, width and handle between shipments. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to do pre-checks before issuing fabric.
  3. Customers wishing to print on our fabrics should test each batch to check for shrinkage and to ensure the success of the print before doing a complete print run. Conditions, temperatures, etc. may vary according to the type of fabric and could differ between shipments and dye lots. If shrinkage occurs due to high heat processes during printing then fabrics may need to be pre-shrunk before printing.
  4. Check the usable width. If the width is narrow, this could affect your rating. Correct widths of each quality are shown on our website (see Qualities & Finishes) as well as on our price list.
  5. As a result of the shipping process, pressure marks may appear on certain fabrics. These may look like shading or dye problems but in most cases will disappear during the manufacturing process.
  6. Check the coating on coated fabrics to ensure that the coated surface is sewn to the inside of the garment. The coated side can be detected by looking at the selvedge for a slight residue, or if not visible the coated side should display a slight stickiness which tends to attract dust. Coating can also be detected  by scratching the surface and the coated side will show up white when scratched. Alternatively use a khoki pen - when marking on the coated side, the mark will be sharp and precise, when marking on the uncoated side, the ink will spread or bleed.
  7. Many of our fabrics have a W/R (Water Repellent Finish) on the face side of the fabric. You can check this by dropping a few droplets of water onto the face side of the fabric. If the water beads up and runs off, then the fabric has a W/R finish. If the water penetrates the fabric easily, then the fabric does not have a W/R finish

Am I allowed to place a reservation order?
To assist you with your forward planning, we do accept reservations under the following conditions”

  1. A reservation may be secured on any stock item provided the stock is available and physically in our warehouse
  2. Your reservation will remain in place for a period of 7 days from the date of reservation.
  3. Should we receive a confirmed order from another customer within the 7 day period, we will first consult with you to confirm or release your reservation.
  4. Reservations will also be accepted on incoming shipments, however should we receive a firm back order from another customer, your reservation will need to be confirmed with an official order, otherwise the stock will be released to the other customer.
  5. A reservation is for available stock but does not secure the price. Prices are subject to price ruling at date of despatch.

Can I place a back order with you?
Yes you may. A backorder is a confirmed order for delivery at a future date.

  1. Confirmed backorders for existing stock will be accepted for a period of one month only, unless otherwise agreed to by Lagoona. Prices for back orders on existing stock will remain firm.
  2. Confirmed back orders on incoming shipments will be accepted, subject to price ruling at date of despatch